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Prospect Trend of Rapid Development of Large Water Grinding Machine Processing in 2015

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Large water milling is a tool product which is widely used and influential in manufacturing industry. Without cavity die, die casting die, casting die, deep drawing die and stamping die, plastic parts, alloy die castings, steel plates and forgings, which are widely used and competitive in price, can not be produced. In modern batch production, without high-level large-scale water milling, there will be no high-quality products. It also plays an important role in improving production efficiency and reducing production costs. According to the latest statistical analysis abroad, 75% of the roughing, 50% of the finishing and 90% of the plastic parts are finished by large water milling. Therefore, the large water milling industry is also known as "crown industry". Nowadays, large water milling manufacturing has become an important part of advanced manufacturing technology.

Making materials for large water milling is usually a kind of difficult-to-process material. At present, the cavity for large water milling in China is usually formed by EDM. However, the production efficiency of EDM is very low, and it can not meet the requirements of modern batch production in terms of the development speed of large water milling and the manufacturing quality of large water milling.

The emergence of high-speed machining technology has opened up a brand-new road for large water milling manufacturing technology. It is an inevitable trend to replace electrical processing with high-speed machining as far as possible to speed up the development of large water milling and improve the manufacturing quality of large water milling.

Superiority of High Speed Machining in Large Water Milling

In order to improve the service life of both punching and plastic large water milling (including injection mould, extrusion mould, blow moulding mould, etc.), the parts constituting the large water milling cavity are generally made of high strength wear-resistant materials (such as alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel and stainless steel of various brands). These materials have high hardness after heat treatment and are difficult to use conventional materials. Machining method for processing. For decades, the best way to deal with such difficult-to-process materials is to use special processing.


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