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Before studying the installation of grinder, we should first understand the internal structure of grinder.

Plane grinding is often used in semi-finishing and finishing of aircraft with high surface quality requirements. Surface grinding machine commonly used in surface grinding, grinding wheel surface is a circular working surface, can also end.

1. Major Types and Sports

When grinding with grinding wheels, the horizontal layout of the grinder spindle; when grinding with grinding wheels, the vertical layout of the grinder spindle. In plane grinding, the workpiece can be mounted on a rectangular table to move in a reciprocating straight line, or on a circular table to move in a circular direction.

Fig. 1 Plane grinder processing schematic diagram

According to the combined layout and shape of the worktable, ordinary surface grinders can be divided into the following four categories:

(1) Horizontal axis table surface grinder as shown in Figure 1 (one) in this machine tool, workpiece by rectangular electromagnetic table. The main rotating motion of grinding wheel is vertical reciprocating motion of worktable f1, vertical cutting of intermittent motion of grinding wheel frame into transverse feeding motion F2 and f3.

(2) The surface grinder of the vertical axis torque table is shown in Figure 1 (b). In this machine, the rotating grinding wheel moves mainly n, the rectangular table moves vertically to and fro f1, and the grinding wheel rack cuts vertically into intermittent motion of F 2.

(3) Vertical spindle turret type of surface grinder (Fig. 1c). In this machine, the grinding wheel rotating main motion table is circular F1 motion, and the grinding wheel frame is vertically cut into intermittent motion of f2.

(4) The type of plane grinding machine for horizontal spindle turntable is shown in Figure 1 (d). In this machine, the main motion of rotating grinding wheel is n, the one-cycle motion of round table rotation is f1, and the vertical cutting of intermittent motion of radial feed motion of grinding wheel frame is F2 and f3. In addition, the rotary center of the table can adjust the tilt.

Next, we will discuss how to solve the problem of grinding machine installation and vibration.

In grinding process, the most headache may be the vibration of the grinder, because the vibration directly affects the processing effect. If we encounter grinder vibration, how should we deal with and prevent it?

First, check the horizon. If the level of the foot screw is not adjusted properly, it will cause the resonance of the grinder. Because sometimes the ground roughness of the processing plant is not very good, it is necessary to adjust the level screw to make the grinder reach an uneven height. First of all, we need to check whether each screw of the foot is in place.

2. If the vibration has not been eliminated after the above work, it should be checked whether it is caused by the floor space. If the ground is terrazzo or paved floor, it is relatively strong. If the ground is cement level, the ground will be very virtual and will cause resonance. In this case, we should go to the hardware store to buy some black rubber cushions, about 6-10 mm thick, 10 cm in size and a little larger size of the floor mat, loosen the floor screw, and put the rubber mat under the horizontal floor mat.

3. If the vibration has not been eliminated after the above work, it is necessary to check the grinding wheel of the grinder. It is suggested that we buy a good grinding wheel. First, the poor grinding wheel will affect the processing effect; second, the process of grinding is prone to danger; third, the poor balance effect of grinding wheel will seriously affect the life of the grinding machine spindle.

4. In the processing environment, it is impossible to place machine tools such as punches and lathes near the same working site, which are liable to cause co-vibration. How to judge is very simple. You only need to stop the grinder and start the punch or lathe. The way to deal with it is to put it in separate workshops.


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