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Gantry rail grinder
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Gantry guide grinder PCLS-150250/150300NC
Category of ownership:
Summary of details:Front and rear CNC/electronic handwheel left and right hydraulic (Taiwan hydraulic components) grinding grade ball screw is guaranteed unconditionally and free for two years nationwide, without any charge, the only domestic machine with two-year quality g



Front and rear CNC/electronic handwheel
Left and Right Hydraulic Pressure (Taiwan Hydraulic Components)
Grinding grade ball screw

There is no charge for the unconditional free warranty of two years in the whole country. It is the only machine tool brand with two years'quality guarantee in China.

参数表 规格parameter单位150250/150300NC180300/180400NC200300/200400NC
能力general picture工作台工作面积Table size (x*y)mm1500×2500/30001800×3000/40002000×3000/4000
左右最大移动量X axis travelmm2800/33003300/43003300/4300
Max center of wheel to table
工作台Table工作台最大承受重量Maximum loadkgs400050005000
横磨头grinding wheel 砂轮尺寸grindingwheel size  maxmmΦ500×Φ203×50-100
主轴马达spindle motorHXP20×420×420×4
角度头 砂轮尺寸 mm350*127*40
主轴马达spindle motorHXP7.5*47.5*47.5*4
尺寸Size机器高度height of machinemm380040004000
占地面积floor spacemm4800×8500/100005000×10000/120005500×10000/12000


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