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I'm satisfied with Puchuang after sales. Delivery time is the urgent need for customers.

I am the general agent of Puchuang East China. I am very satisfied with the delivery and coordination of Puchuang machinery. Puchuang grinder material is really, the spindle and screw are original Taiwan, bearing is imported from Japan or Germany, heavy cutting and low power consumption is the biggest selling point, and is the only national quality guarantee for two years machine brand, agent Puchuang grinder for several years, customer feedback is good, now the better the market, I believe: Puchuang will become the largest surface grinder in China. Manufacturer.

Now Chongqing has an additional production base with an area of 20,000 square meters and an annual output value of 150 million yuan. I believe the company's products will be better and better. Zhu Puchuang Machinery Business is booming.

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