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Puchuang Grinding Machine Chongqing Production Base Completed

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After two years of construction, Puchuang Machinery Chongqing Factory was officially completed in September 2017, with a construction area of about 20,000 square meters and a total investment of nearly 100 million yuan. The base is mainly used for research and development, production of high-precision surface grinders and CNC machine tools.

After putting into production, the new factory will become the largest production and manufacturing enterprise in the field of surface grinding machine. From the one-stop production of casting design, die opening, processing and assembly, it will produce more than 60 types of surface grinding machine models, which is the only one with the most complete specifications in China. The new factory will be put into production immediately to deal with the serious shortage at present. In order to further improve the market competitiveness of products, the base will increase investment in R&D and test, absorb the top talents of domestic industry to establish R&D team, and strive to improve the accuracy and performance of products, so as to become the benchmark of high-end machine tool manufacturing industry.

At present, Puchuang Machinery has its own intellectual property rights and a number of invention patents and has been successfully used in many products, breaking through the technical difficulties in the industry for many years, and has been unanimously recognized by the vast number of users. The products have spread all over the country and exported to Britain, Russia, Iran, Southeast Asia and other countries.


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