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The Difference of Mechanical Circuit Structure between NC Machine Tool and Ordinary Machine Tool

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Compared with ordinary machine tools, its structure is still composed of spindle box, tool holder, feed transmission system, bed, hydraulic system, cooling system, lubrication system and other departments, but there are essential differences between the two feed systems in structure. The movement of the spindle of a common machine tool is transmitted to the tool holder through the sprocket, feed box and slide box to realize the longitudinal and horizontal feed movement. The CNC machine tool directly drives the screw rod through the servo motor to realize the longitudinal and transverse feeding movement. It can be seen that the structure of the feed system of NC machine tools is much simpler than that of ordinary machine tools.

CNC machine tools also have the function of processing various threads, so how to keep the rotation of the spindle synchronized with the movement of the tool holder? Generally, servo electric idea is used to drive the spindle rotation, and a pulse encoder is installed in the spindle box. The motion of the spindle is transmitted to the pulse encoder by synchronous tooth belt 1:1. When the spindle rotates, the pulse encoder sends out the detection pulse signal to the CNC system, which keeps the synchronization between the spindle electric idea rotation and the cutting feed of the tool holder, that is, the movement relationship between the spindle turning to a t-tool holder Z and moving to a lead during thread processing.

Layout of Tool Frame for NC Machine Tool Bed Guideway

The relative position of the bed guide rail and the horizontal plane can be divided into four layout forms: horizontal bed, inclined bed, flat bed oblique slide board and vertical bed. As an important part of NC machine tools, the layout of tool holder mainly uses 12-position rotary tool holder for the overall layout of machine tools and working baskets, as well as 10-position rotary tool holder for the two-level axle linkage NC machine tools at present. The cutter holder also uses 12-position rotary tool holder, 6-position rotary tool holder, 8-Position rotary tool holder and 10-position rotary tool holder. There are two kinds of layout of rotary tool holder on machine tools. One kind of rotary tool holder is used to process disc parts, whose rotary axis is vertical to the main axis; the other is used to process the rotary tool holder of shaft and disc parts, whose rotation is parallel to the main axis.


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