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Operating Rules of Surface Grinding Machine

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Operating Rules of Surface Grinding Machine

The surface grinder mainly uses grinding wheel to grind the workpiece in order to achieve the required smoothness. According to the shape of the table, it can be divided into rectangular table and circular table. The main parameters of the rectangular table surface grinder are the width and length of the table, and the main parameters of the circular table surface grinder are the diameter of the table.

What should be paid attention to in the detailed operation of the surface grinder? Let's introduce seven special structures of the surface grinder.

1: Positioning Rules of Surface Grinding Machine

It is understood that more than 300 mm should be reserved outside the maximum movement space, each sole screw is tight, and the level of front, back and left is less than 0.04/1000mm. (Requirements for equipment converters are higher)

2: Selection of grinding wheel for surface grinder

The selected grinding wheel must be able to withstand the rotational speed of more than 2000 m/min. If the rotational speed is too low, it will simply leave traces on it. However, if the rotational speed is too high, the price of the grinding wheel will be much higher. What we should pay special attention to is to strictly prevent the use of damaged grinding wheels. If conditions permit, it is better to balance the flange after the new grinding wheel is installed.

3: Surface grinder spindle

Before grinding wheel, the spindle must be determined to rotate clockwise.

4: Surface grinder hydraulic equipment

The surface grinder uses hydraulic oil with viscosity of 46.

The new machine needs to replace the hydraulic oil after three months of operation, and then once a year. At the same time, the oil tank must be cleaned.

5: Surface grinder smoothing equipment

Smooth oil is used for slideway smooth oil with viscosity of 32. (Introducing Meiweida No. 1 or No. 1405)

Recognize tank (pool) oil volume every day to ensure that it is above the offline level.

Weekly check whether the guide rail oil line is clear and eliminate the oil loss of the guide rail.

It is advocated that the tank be cleaned every three months.

Smooth grease is added regularly according to the regulations.

6: left and right mechanism of surface grinder

Stop adjusting the left and right travel when the table is moving.

When the cables of the platform loosen, adjustments should be made immediately. (This article applies to manual type)

7: Surface grinder flushing and cleaning equipment

Cleaning and maintenance of filter screen in vacuum box, preferably every two weeks. The other is to check the coolant. When the coolant is polluted, it should be checked and removed in time.


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