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Development Trend of Latest Milling Machine in Industrial Mother Machine Tool Industry in 2017

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Since the 21st century, the development speed of China's machine tool industry has never been less than 15% annual growth rate. The continuous growth for many years has made China's machine tool industry rank in the forefront of the world in scale. China's machine tool industry has become mature, and the future development will take innovation, upgrading and optimization as the main mode. It can be said that China's machine tool industry has gradually developed from a strategic position-based basic industry to a strategic position and economic status of both basic and pillar industries.

"The technological development of traditional milling machine industry has the characteristics of continuity, and the rapid development of IT technology determines its mutation. How to deal with this contradiction determines the success or failure of traditional industry informatization. For the die and mould machine tool industry, the solution of this problem is particularly urgent. Recently, the Secretary-General of the International Mold Association, Luo Baihui, said in an interview that the state has strengthened the construction of basic industries and the export of complete sets of equipment. With the acceleration of the renewal of consumer products, mould technology is also developing continuously. At the same time, the relevant industries have put forward higher and higher requirements for the production efficiency and manufacturing quality of moulds, in order to realize the mould cavity and its related parts. For high-speed machining, machine tools need to have the following characteristics:

1, from the development of the mold industry, with the slow production of one mold production to the present single mold production, the quantity and quality of the requirements have been consolidated, and the application demand of the market is gradually increasing.

2. As the die is developing towards large-scale, the die of several tons to dozens of tons is very common, so it requires that the machine tool working table can bear large weight, which requires that the equipment must have the characteristics of large load-bearing and high rigidity, and also must have a large enough table size and work stroke to adapt to it.

3. High-speed and high-power high-speed machining is the development direction. High-speed milling has shown great superiority in die and mould processing.

4. The die cavity with multi-axis linkage and good comprehensive cutting ability of deep-hole cavity is mostly composed of complex space hexagonal surface and groove, and many dies have deep-hole cavity.

If the brilliance of that year was the first climax of the development of the die and mould machine tool industry, it is now facing the second wave aided by information technology.

It has become a consensus to promote the industrialization of major equipment manufacturing by informationization. However, the development of professional applications, virtual design and manufacturing system software has become the bottleneck of the development of information technology. Luo Baihui believes that there are three main constraints: first, production pressure; first, economic factors; and second, foreign software, which accounts for about 30% of the total equipment cost, is expensive, not to mention, and some still need to be redeveloped.

The development of special software only depends on the software development department of each enterprise, which is intentional but unable; outsourcing to IT companies, it is difficult to tailor clothes. It is the best choice to organize the technical developers of each enterprise to cooperate, so Beijing Heavy Machinery Software Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2004.

In order to achieve the goals of 30% of enterprises using self-developed professional software within five years, building flexible manufacturing and networked manufacturing backbone network of major equipment manufacturing industry in 2008, we need to rely on the advantages of collective efforts.

It can also be a learning experience for other traditional industries. However, for the traditional die and mould machine tool industry which is overburdened, it seems not enough to rely solely on its own efforts. If more attention and support are obtained, the replacement of the backbone may come faster.

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