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Overview of Latest Machine Tool Industry Mother Machinery

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Machine occupies a very important position in human life and production. It is the main tool for human to use and transform machine tool mechanical energy to reduce physical labor and improve productivity in production. For example, CNC machine tools can control a series of actions of the operating system through programming, thus completing various complex processing of workpieces; robots can replace human beings to complete dangerous operations and high-intensity labor; computers can quickly realize the processing and transmission of information. The level of using machine tools for production is one of the important symbols to measure the degree of modernization of a country.

The machine tool single cylinder internal combustion engine is composed of many entities. When the combustible gas burns in the cylinder block 7 to push the plug 1, the connecting rod 2 connected with the plug will drive the crankshaft 3 to rotate, and output movement and power through gears 4 and 5, cam 6, etc. The machine tool converts heat energy into mechanical energy through the working cycle of inhalation, compression, combustion and exhaust of combustible gas in the cylinder block.

The jaw crusher is also composed of many entities. The rotation of the motor of the machine tool drives the eccentric axis to rotate by belt drive, which makes the moving jaw plate move on deck, and realizes the function of crushing materials with the fixed jaw plate.

1. Machine Tool Machine Characteristics

There are many kinds of machines with different structures and uses. However, from the point of view of structure and functions, all kinds of machines have the following three characteristics.

(1) All are combinations of artificial entities.

(2) There is a definite relative motion among the constituent entities.

(3) To achieve energy conversion or useful mechanical work - a mechanism with only the first two characteristics is called a mechanism, so that the combination of multiple entities can achieve the desired mechanical movement.

Machines and mechanisms are generally referred to as machinery.

2. Machine Tool Machine Classification

According to the structure, use and performance, machines can be divided into the following categories:

(1) Power machinery. For example, motors, internal combustion engines, etc., are mainly used to realize the conversion between mechanical energy and other forms of energy.

(2) Processing machinery. For example, CNC machine tools, machining centers, robots, etc., are mainly used to change the structure, form and state of materials.

(3) Transportation machinery. For example, airplanes, automobiles, conveyors, etc., are mainly used to change the spatial location of people or materials (4) information machinery. For example, computers, cameras, etc., are mainly used to obtain and process various kinds of information.

Machines consist of four main parts.

(1) The original part. The source of power, such as motor, internal combustion engine, etc.

(2) transmission part. Composed of various mechanisms, it is the middle link that transfers motion and power to the executive part. It can change the size of movement speed and movement form, such as gear. V belt.

(3) Control part. Make the power, transmission and execution parts of the machine move in a certain order and regularly'including various control mechanisms, electrical devices, computers, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, etc.

(4) Hold part I: R. Direct completion of tasks such as cutting tools, manipulators, etc.

Machine tool mechanism is composed of components. Components refer to the entity units that form relatively independent motion in the mechanism. The non-removable manufacturing units in machine tool machinery are called parts. Machine tool components can be a single part or a rigid combination of multiple parts. Machine parts are divided into two categories: one is general parts, referring to parts commonly used in general machinery, such as bolts, nuts and so on; the other is special parts, referring to parts used in specific types of machines, such as pistons, crankshafts and so on.


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