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Use and Cognition of Machine Tool Pad Iron

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Matters needing attention in the use of machine tool pad iron:

1. When installing and adjusting the level of equipment, each pad iron should be forced to prevent the pad iron from loosening.

2. When the levelness of the floor is quite different and the height of the pad iron is not enough, the level of the floor should be adjusted before the machine tool is adjusted.

3. When the product is first used, the machine level should be adjusted again after two weeks of use.

4. When changing the position of the machine tool, the pad iron should be unloaded before lifting. Applicable scope of machine tool pad iron: metal processing machine, Satin press machine, textile, printing machinery, food processing machine, rubber machinery, wire, cable machinery, generators and heavy equipment. Use method of machine tool pad iron: Put the required pad iron under the foot hole of machine tool, pierce the bolt, rotate to contact the bearing disc, and then adjust the level of machine tool (the bolt rotates clockwise, the machine tool rises): After adjusting the level of machine tool, tighten the nut and fix the horizontal state. Because of the creep phenomenon in rubber, the main types of horizontal machine tool pad iron are adjusted again after two weeks when the pad iron is first used: s78-10, s78-9, s78-7 and s78-6. Among them, S78-10 and S78-9 are adjustable cushion iron for shock absorption, s78-6 is adjustable cushion iron and s78-7 is shock absorption cushion iron.

The cushion iron can be divided into machine tool adjusting cushion iron, machine tool shock absorber cushion iron and machine tool shock absorber cushion iron. Preventive measures for defect characteristics of machine tool pad iron:

1. In the inner, surface or near surface of the mattress iron, there are smooth holes of varying sizes, with round, long and irregular shapes, single holes and aggregated holes. The colour is white or dark, sometimes covered with oxide. Reduce the gas absorption of gossip metals during smelting. Reduce the gas emission of sand mold in the process of casting, improve the structure of machine tool pad iron, improve the permeability of sand mold and core, so that the gas in the mold can be discharged smoothly.

2. Shrinkage holes are irregular in shape, rough in the hole and coarse in grain in the thick section of the mattress, the interior of the interface between the two parts and the interior or or surface of the interface between the thick section and the thin section. The mattress iron with small and uniform wall thickness should be solidified at the same time, and the mattress iron with large and uneven wall thickness should be solidified in order from thin to thick, and the cold iron of riser should be placed reasonably.

3. The shrinkage pore in the mattress iron is small and incoherent, which gathers in one or more places. The grain is coarse, and there are very small holes among the grains. The water seepage occurs during the hydraulic test. The hot spot and pouring temperature and speed should be reduced as far as possible at the joint between walls.

4. Slag pore is an irregular hole in the inner or surface of mattress iron. The hole is not smooth, and it is full or partly filled with molten slag. Raise the temperature of molten iron. Reduce slag viscosity. Improve the slag retaining capacity of the pouring system. Increase the inner fillet of machine tool pad iron.


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